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英语上周过去事作文50字 Last week Last week, I went to a park with my family. My uncle took a picture of us. In the picture, my parents were playing badminton, while my brother was playing football with his friends, and I was flying the kites. It was a

Last summer vacation ,I had a great time. Because I went to Beijing. Beijing was very beautiful, but there was an interesting thing,it made me very happy! One day, I got a toy tiger from my mother.So,I wanted go to the zoo.When I came to the zoo,I

today I go to the zoo.First I go straight along the first broad road and has seen a post office in the side of my right hand ,Then take a turn on the left in the bridge street.Walk along the bridge street,I passed through the second street ,The third street

I'm always willing to the zoo when I am free.I think it's a great place to hang out and have fun. Because my house is far from the zoo,I often take the bus to get there. On the bus ,I will give my seat to the old people and the woman with baby. I think it's

Today is Children's Day.My father takes me to the zoo.There are many kinds of animals,the tigers, the pandas,the lions, the elephants,the giraffes and the bears. They are different from each other ,some are shy, some are beautiful, some are

A visit to the zoo.I went to the zoo with my friends last Sunday. It was cold but sunny that day. We started at 7:00. It took us about two hours to get there by bus. There were thousands of people in the zoo. We saw lots of animals, such as, pandas,

dear tom:it's being a long time we haven't seen each other, how are you now? there is a picture of my family i sent to you, the man is my dad, he is an engineer, he works hard everyday. and the woman is my mother she is a teacher and so kind of her

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