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whAtEvEr you ArE歌词

歌曲名:wherever you are 歌手:the martins 专辑:decade brian - wherever you are maxrnb - your first r&b/hiphop source wherever you are wherever you go whatever you do i want you to know i love you so when i feel blue i think of you cause you


When I feel blue, I think of you'Cause you're true wherever you areNear or far, you still are my shining starSometimes it's mad, things get bad and I'm sadWherever you are there is light by my sideI feel alrightBecause our love is bigBigger than the two

歌名:Right Here Waiting 歌手:Richard Marx所属专辑:不朽的声音(人生最难忘的歌)作词:Richard Marx作曲:Richard MarxOceans apart day after day远隔重洋,日复一日And I slowly go insane我一步步走向疯狂I hear your voice on the line

right here waiting 歌手:right here waiting 专辑:richard marx ocean apart day after day and i slowly go insane i hear your voice on the line but it doesn't stop the pain if i see you next to never how can we say forever wherever you go whatever you

歌曲名:Whoever You Are, I Love You歌手:Newell Oler专辑:Fireside PianoId like to run away from youBut if I were to leave you I would dieId like to break the chains you put around meAnd yet Ill never tryNo matter what you do you drive me crazyId

Wherever you are - One Ok Rock(无论你在哪里)作词: Taka作曲:Taka翻译:マリヤI'm telling you, oh yeah我要告诉你oh yeahI softly whisper对你轻声耳语Tonight tonight今夜此夜

歌曲名:Whatever You歌手:Cesar Martinez Ensemble专辑:Hotel De Prestige: Lounge Exquisite 2Over YouWeather man said it's gonna snowBy now I should be used to the coldMid-February shouldn't be so scaryIt was only DecemberI still

歌曲名:Whatever You Want歌手:Trijntje Oosterhuis专辑:Trijntje OosterhuisLovers Electric - Whatever You Wantsitting round the tabletoasting to old lovewondering if we'llmake it through this yearPeople say it's so damn easyyou just have to

whatever you want/ whatever you need/ anytime you want it/ girl just get up on it/ ooh/ girl you're so fine/ can i get a minute of your time/ i wanna get to know ya/ maybe later on up in my crib/ i'll get to show ya/ you're blowin' my mind/ you're one of a

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