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Everyone suffers from disease at some time or another. However, millions of people Sometimes the doctor does not know how to treat the disease, and sometimes there is

1.been to 去过(人已归)例如:I have been to that amusement park three times.我去过那游乐园三次.2.gone to 去了(人未归)例如:Jim has gone to Beijing,he'll come back soon.吉姆去了北京,很快就会回来.楼

P67 Unit9 3a 三个学生谈论他们去过的最有趣的三个博物馆,请读篇杂志文章回答问题: 问题1:学生们谈到哪三种博物馆? 问题2:每一种博物馆,你认为什么最有趣?Ken: 我去参观过的最有趣的是美国计算机博物馆.他们有不同的计算机

UNIT 9(95%)1~5 C A D D A6~10 A A D C D11. focused12. emotionally13. distant14. cancer15. retirement16. crossed17. increasingly18. Regardless of your age,it is possible for you to make a number of important changes in your current lifestyle

Do you know when basket was invented? If you travel around China you will notice a very popular activity everywhere you go -basketball. This much-loved and active sport is enjoyed by many, for fun and exercise. The sport of basketball is a little over

1.1865年4.9,格兰特和李在非吉尼亚阿波托克斯的一间普通的会客厅里达成协议:非吉尼亚北部李的军队投降,这意味着在美国历史上一个伟大的篇章宣布结束,进而一个新的伟大篇章将拉开序幕. 2.这些人将美国内战推向了终点.诚然还有

My home in Zhouzhi County,in recent years has undergone a drastic change.Take my will be careful not to rub the drawing,painting slowly,and had to keep cutting pencil.The

1b Listenand circle the subjects you hear in 1a.Linda: Hi, Anna! How's your first day Linda: Me, too. And my classes are great.Anna: What's your favorite subject?Linda:

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