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您好,很高兴为您解答:Mario believe it can help him to get his future dream job 马里奥相信这可以帮他找到他未来梦想的工作.Mario 主语believe 谓语it can help him to get his future dream job 省略了that的宾语从句it 代词作从句主语can 情态副

What is my dream job? I want to be a doctor. I think it's a great and interesting job. I can help many patients. It's a hard job but I don't mind it. I can find some happy in this job. Some people also believe that doctors are work late. But I don't

1.(老师)My dream jobWhen I grow up,I want to be a teacher.Because I think I have a better opportunity to get a job in the accounting firm.Finally,with my experience in the

my future job if we want to be a good teacher ,we should obey this three points:first ,you must love your job,because if you don't love your job,you will work sadly and you won't get happy from your job .second,you should love your student,because your

My dream JobI am a fourteen-year-old boy, a middle school student in Changjiang Middle School. Although All of us are students now, I believe every student can speak out his or her dream job in the future. My dream job is to be a doctor. I want to be

Everyone has dreams.My dream is to become a doctor.The doctor is a great career.The doctor can help people solve the pain .To this dream, I want to earnestly study and learn about the doctor's knowledge.I grew up, have to become a good doctor.I strive for this dream.

My Dream Job My dream job is to be an English teacher. I will take care of my students and help them to solve any problem about English lesson. I will let them be interested in English. I will make friends with my students. To be an English teacher is

Students Who Volunteer ?这里的Who Volunteer是定语从句.Mario believes it can help them to get his future dream job. 这里的it can help them to get his future dream job. 是

My dream job will be working in one of the biggest international accounting firm as an accountant. I want to be an accountant because I love mathematics and business so much. Also, being an accountant can help me to explore my knowledge of

my dream job is to be a teacher because i think it is the greatest job in the world. teachers teach the students the whole knowledge they own. besides, they also educate the students how to be a good person. i hope i can become a good teacher and

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