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您好! 这里用think of ,意思是想起. think about 意思是思考,考虑 think over 和 think about 差不多,也是思考,考虑的意思,比think about 要更仔细. 望您采纳,谢谢您的支持!

gas prices is(the first)thing to consider意思就是:油价是是首先要考虑的

the happiest;happy是形容词


是不是think over?1.Don't think about it any more.2.I can't think about his address.3.We'll don't think about your suggestion and give you our answer tomorrow.4.We don't think

things thing n.东西, 事情 (复)things: 所有物,用具, 情况

1. funny 2. unusual 3. musical 4. beginning 5. noisy 1. Whom does she like to .with?2. We don't have four classes in..3. Neither he nor she goes there..4. How often do we have..?5. enjoy themse;ves6. can't they

I have (forgotten)to tell her about that thing 这里是完成时态 所以用过去分词形式

breakfast just cup anything meal milk supper about a don't or cheese glass juice weekends restaurant can like things for

what are the () (thing)? they are cdsthings 应为前面用的是are

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