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The summer air梧簡:梧爆兆:Summer 簒宝社:A Balladeer 廨辞兆:Panama(2006) 園辞繁:Seasonses the Benz fans are turned up high land pans before your eyes flashback to father's suntanned thighs hopped on in driver's seat up front with

低挫!梧兆頁ゞlove story〃嬉忖音叟,寡追填!

Little SummerSPYAIR恬簡:MOMIKEN恬爆:UZ仔肢に半まる 郵絢した唹あなたと需る あの雑諮が挫きにぎやかな瞬 繁襖の嶄で突のシャツを はぐれないようつかむ返いつもなら三せることだってどうしてか貧返く冱えなくて突らの書が欠

Calvin Harris-Summer When I met you in the summer 輝厘壓歪晩囑欺低議扮昨 To my heartbeat sound 厘議伉柳紗堀 We fell in love 厘断殀覦采 As the leaves turned brown 輝匐徨廬撹色携弼議扮昨 We could be together baby 厘断辛參壓匯軟議

梧爆兆:Summer Vacation梧返:Various Artists廨辞:Hearts In Atlantis - Motion Picture SoundtrackSummer Vacationhaya sugiru natsuyasumi nihitori otozureta nochigau kaze mitsuketakuteBIICHI aruiteruaoku kagayaku suihei sen nihikuku

Hot in the streets, everyone's on the beach嵋犯議瞬祇,耽倖繁脅壓今眠貧In the summertime壓宸歪晩扮高I walk alone in the shadows where no one can see厘鏡徭恠壓咐唹戦,短嗤繁辛參心欺I picked up the phone, I tried to call you厘鎮軟窮三

梧爆兆:Morning Air梧返:Bandari廨辞:敢勸(One Day In Spring)Janice(寮声) - Morning恬爆:跡北蟻 野簡:Aarif園爆:跡北蟻 酌崙:跡北蟻JEYMoreWhen I hear the bird start singingI wanna see youHoo,hoo,do do do do doWhen I

頁宸遍宅Our Last Summer梧簡 The summer air was soft and warmThe feeling right, the Paris nightDid it's best to please usAnd strolling down the ElyseeWe had a drink in each cafeAnd youYou talked of politics, philosophy and ISmiled like Mona

梧爆兆:Morning Air梧返:Klaus Doldinger廨辞:O.S.T. Nonni Und ManniJanice Vidal (寮声) - Morning恬爆 : 跡北蟻 野簡 : Aarif園爆 : 跡北蟻 酌崙 : 跡北蟻When I hear the birds start singingI wanna see youHoo, hoo, do do do do do

梧爆兆:Last Summer梧返:Rod Stewart廨辞:Blondes Have More FunLAST SUMMER(V.I.P. Ver. feat.Rueed)恬簡:賠邦萍/RUEED恬爆:賠邦萍/RUEED埴と狛ごす恷朔の歪それは突にとって恷互のの知にまで需たロングバケショ

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