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suggest doing sth 建议做某事,例,lily going together in one car丽丽建议大家坐同一辆 汽车去.suggest that 例 she suggest that we write that into the contract.她建议吧那点写进合同.suggest sb for 推荐 例,he has been suggested for the post of director.他已被推荐担任主任一职.suggest sth to sb启发,使产生新想法 例it was a newspaper article that suggested the idea to me.

楼主的答案也是正确的.1. suggest sb/one's doing sth 建议某人做某事 其否定形式实在doing前面加上not,所以答案可以是:him/his not eating2. 标准答案则采用suggest加宾语从句(引导词that被省略)的用法.根据语法规定,suggest表示“建议”加宾语从句时,从句须使用虚拟语气,即从句的谓语动词由“should do sth”构成,且should可以省略.所以改成:he not eat 也正确.且:he not eat = he should not eat 如果对你有所帮助,请点击我回答下面的“选为满意回答”按钮,谢谢!

suggest doing sth建议 suggest (虚拟语气)sb (should) do sth暗示 suggest注意与advise 的区别, advise sb to do sth

i suggest our going to the park next sunday.

how about Why not.?Why don't you.? do you thinkmaybe.in my opinion would you mind + doing what about 3you'd better do if I were you, I would do I suggest that what if for instance lets say if/that so if Shall we? Can we .. It is recommended to do sthIf you do .it will be better

楼主的答案也是正确的.1.suggest sb/one's doing sth 建议某人做某事其否定形式实在doing前面加上not,所以答案可以是:him/his not eating2.标准答案则采用suggest加宾语从句(引导词that被省略)的用法.根据语法规

suggest 后面是不直接加 to do 的.常见用法是 + that 从句,从句用虚拟语气 should do,比如tom suggested that we should go to japan next year.连接词that 以及虚拟语气的 should 有时会省略,就变成 suggest (that) sb (should) do sth所以也没有suggest sb to do,只有suggest sb do sth另外就是直接加动名词 suggest doing sth, 比如i suggested going to the party tonight.

1、suggest doing sth 固定词组用法,还有suggest sb do sth的句型,还有suggest that+从句的用法,还有suggest sth to sb 建议某人某事,但是没有suggest sb to do sth 的用法.2、suggest sb do sth, recommed sb to do sth ,propose to do sth.

表示建议的常见句型: If I were you, I'll We should Why don't you ? How about? Let's Maybe you'd better Perhaps we can Maybe you should表示建议的句型 1. Would you like / love (to do) sth.? 这是一个很委婉的表示建议的句型,

1. How / What about doing sth?2. would you mind3. in my opinion4. Why don't you do sth?5. i tink/suggest/hope that6. You'd better do sth7. You are supposed to do sth8. would you like

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