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When you come into our school, you will see two buildings. one is an old building. The other is an new building, It's much bigger than the old building ! Behind our old building is dining-room. These cooks are made food for us. In front of the old

“学校生活”的意思是campus life我们的学校生活,整句意思就是our campus life谢谢

There are about 500 students in our school. We get along weill with each other and help each other. The school life is colorful. Every year we have two holidays, the winter holiday and the summer holiday. Our holiday is two month shorter than

《My campus life 》Campus life ornament my path, it in my heart will always be good. Campus life not only looks boring course, still have next class students of laughter and EnEnYuanYuan and knowledge heart! Sometimes cat-and-dog, can

你要去庆祝20岁这个星期六晚上,January25 6:00-9:00p.m.之间,在一家餐厅附近的校园.你想inviet、你的老同学的生日聚会.

We should do our best to let our school be more beautiful.

how to keep our campus clean? it's a beautiful campus, but there's still a problem. for example, some students forget to turn off the taps of the water after using them, some students throw things everywhere in the college. i think we need to keep our

In our campus of waste especially hard-hit, as a university student we have this people have the duty to take care of our campus, protect our campus Now there is the situation general waste water the resources. We should protect every drop. We can

We need to protect our campus environment. From the side of the little things. First of all, do not litter. Planted flowers and trees. On the nest, and so help the birds. We need to beautify the environment. Make our lives better. So that we live in a beautiful campus bar. Protection of the environment, I start from.

Hello everybody, I call xxx, is the Nanjing Imperial road Street Elementary school fifth grade student, I give everybody today the lecture the topic am "Campus". the campus is our second family, she and our family is equally warm, we study, the

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