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organise -------是动词形式organization -----是名词形式

organise a birthday party for someone

你好! 我们队已经组织了一场与访问学校的对抗赛. 词组就是a match against 对抗的比赛 百度教育团队【海纳百川团】为您解答 如满意,请点击“选为满意答案”按钮,谢谢~


organise 和 organize 在意思和用法上并无区别,只是organize是美式写法,organise是英式写法.organize 英 [naz] 美 [rnaz] v. 组织;筹备;安排;处理;分配;规划;管理;照料 例句:I'm sure you don't need me to

I am very happy that winter holiday is coming. I will do a lot of interesting things in my holiday. First, I will do my homework and read books, they are very important. Then I will go for a short trip with my family. Next, I will do some housework, I know it's

它们的关系就好比organize 与organise一样,是一个词,当然也一个意思罗!

organization只能做名词在Mainly be engaged in the A project organization. 中,organization同样是名词.意思是:主要从事于A计划组织.organization的动词形式是:organise

改为这个定语从句:.which were aimed at ending segregation.记住一句话:分词可以变成相对应的定语从句,只是过去分词做后置定语表示被动或动作完成,而加ing的形式表示主动.aim 这个词可以记住固定词组be aimed at他一般就用被动形式,类似的还有:be determined to do../be lost in thought/为了简单期间,你可以总结一下这种固定词组更好.

preside over the show.or organise the show as the host.to talk too much.to be able to do something much better than someone else can .if you run circles around someone,it means that you are smarter and intellectually quicker than they are.to be so busy that you don't have time to stop or rest.

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