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have one's hands full 很忙;忙得不可开交;离不开手儿 例句: 1.This one 's full of good-guystuff.what exactly are we looking for? 这盒子里全是些好人的东西我们到底在找什么? 2.I have got my hands full already with all kinds of work, and haven't

clean hands洗手wash one's hands of对某人[某事物]不再负责; 洗手不干.例如washed my hands of the whole sordid business.我已经彻底洗手不干那种肮脏的勾当了.lay


One afternoon, however, a fast, open car came up behind her so 26 and so fast that she did not hear it I study my mother's hands. Her nails are no longer a bright red, but painted a light pink. Almost no

很忙 [hěn máng] 基本翻译 extremely busy get one's hands full on the go 网络释义 很忙:hands are full | have one's hands full


be always very busy. one's hands are always full. 如:我总是很忙. 就可以说成是: I'm always very busy. 或 My hands are always full.

To have one's hands full means to be very friendly 握一个人的手握得很紧意味着对他很友好

have one's hands full意思是忙得不可开交.本人理解: 家里养着一个小女孩就够我们忙活的了.或者翻译成:家里养着一个小女孩就让我们忙得团团转.PS:可能还要根据语境翻译吧,希望采纳!

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