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I was busy last weekend.I went hiking Saturday morning.I did homework Saturday afternoon.I watched TV Saturday.Sunday morning I cleaned the room.Sunday afternoon I played football.I was happy.

题目:My last weekend Last Sunday,it was a beautiful day.In the morning,I did homework by myself.My mother told me to help her do some chores but I was so busy doing my

Do you know My last weekend!I had a great weekend!On Saturday morning I did my homework and read book.On Saturday afternoon I studied chinese.On Saturday evening I talked with my real good friend on Q

last Saturday moning l got up at 7 o'clock and ate breakfast quickly.I did my homework at 8 o'clock .afternoon l palyed sports with my frends,and night l went to a cinema.On sunday ,l visited my grandmom and ate lunch.l didn't go home until dinner time.it's a fun and wonderful day.l really feel very happy

my happy last weekendmy last weekend was busy,but i felt very happy.on saturday,it was sunny and hot.i went to swimming pool,i went swiming with my parents,then i went home,in the evenging,i watched t

i visited my aunt.my aunt cooked dinner for me.i'm very happy.but i'm at home,i'm not happy i played computer game on last weekend i think computer game is very interesting.so i like it very much.

Last weekend上周末Last weekend there were two days' holiday.I went to the park with my classmates on Saturday morning.We played games, we were very happy.In the

你好,同学,很高兴回答你的问题 正确答案如下: My busy weekend I was very busy last weekend. On Saturday I did my home work at home. After I finished my homework, I helped my mother clean the room. Though I was a little tired, I was very

I really had a busy weekend.On Saturday morning, I cleaned my room and washed the clothes.In the afternoon, I did my homework and read an interestingbook . On Saturday evening, I went to th

going to have a busy weekend!On Saturday morning ,I'm going to do morning exercises .Then ,I'm going to play ping-pong with my friend.On Saturday afternoon,I'm going to listen to music.I'm going to plant tree by bike,because there in far.On

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