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My mother Many friends of mine say that their mothers are pretty or elegant, this may be true, but not mine. Though my mother is a peasant,she is kind-hearted. Her goodness was highly praised by the neighbors at times. What's more ,she is very

1 Mum 妈妈Such is sons' nature,I really do not know how to express my thanks to your son 你的儿子 2 Dear mother : 亲爱的妈妈:I am writing to express my deepest

Dear Mother Thanks you offer love for me all the time.You always offer help for me when i meet difficult.You make me feel very happy.You always take of me when I was sick.

My mother name is Xue Jianmei. She looks a little fat. She is tall. She has long hair. She wears a pair of glasses. And she always smiles sweetly.My mother likes shopping. Every weekend she drives me to study English, and then, she goes for

Dear mother: Thank you very much for looking after me over the years.I an sorry to do nothing for you.Well,you gave me much commitment,and I did not help you anything. For example,you take me to school in the morning everyday though you have to

以下是我为您写的英语信,如果您觉得可以,我可以为您附上中文翻译:Dear dad and mom, Feb. 14,2015How I miss you dad and mom! How are you all keeping these days? Are you still very busy with your work?Today is Valentine's Day. I wish

My mother My name is XX. I am fiftheen. I love my mother, her name is Miss x. She has black hair and two big eyes. She is a very beautiful woman. My mother works in a hotel. She is a teather. She likes fruit and vegetables, but she doesn't like

Dear mother: I think there is no word can exactly express my feeling to you.I love you more than I can say. The most that I am eager to say is that hope you healthy and happy everyday! daughter

Dear mom, This is the first time i write a letter to you in English,so i think i should say thanks to you frist. That you give life to me,that you bring me to the world.Sometimes i may make you angry,because i don`t adjust my fault.But i am sure i won`t do

Dear Mother : I thank my mother for me, raising me, teach me, let me in the knowledge of travel into schools. Thank goodness my mother. If this world without you, then I can not see this beautiful and colorful world. I know how you feel is the time for me

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