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make a circle做一个圆圈例句1.The children linked hands to make a circle.孩子们挽起手来围成一个圈.2.So, he said. frist make a circle with a sharp thin piece of whale bone.就这样,他说,先把一根又尖又细的鲸鱼骨头弯成一个圈.

歌手名:ashlee simpson歌曲名:l.o.v.eI'm talkin' 'bout loveAll my girls stand up in a circleAnd clap your hands this is for youUps and downs highs and lowsNo matter what you see me throughMy boyfriend he don't answer on the telephoneI don't

love is a circle

4 and 20 - Joss StoneThey say time wasted for no man and neither,does this one meanI've been trying hard to understand what it meanMany more have come and gone,and it's a little hard to holding onTo what could be, baby, should be baby,crazy

what is a circle like 什么是圆circle 英[s:kl] 美[s:rkl] n. 圆; 圈子; 圆状物; 一圈; vt. 圈出,包围; 绕…运转; vi. 环绕,盘旋;

Fallacy: A false notion 一个虚假的概念.回到句中,“爱情是一个虚假的概念”.这是因为,它不可以被严格的描述,和科学的证明存在.实际上是人在一种叫“荷尔蒙”作用下的美丽的虚幻.回到现实婚姻中来,还需靠理解,谅解和相互支持才得以延续“婚姻”而不是“爱情”

Mother's love is like a circlecircle是圆(圈)的意思,有循环(系统)的意味ring是环状物,有戒指的意思,往戒指方向联系就对了.


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