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你好!why do hunters often kill them?打字不易,采纳哦!


always waiting for you 一直等待着你 双语对照 例句:1.I am sick of always waiting for you. 我讨厌老是在等你.


please save the animals.although their fur is invaluable,slthough their meat is deliciours,although they look cute.please eat them,don't kill them for eat or their boddy.don't make them be your pets.the animals suffor so much,many people disgusted by what they look(people kill antelopes),PLEASE STOPPING IT!!!!!!

nowadays,the whales is in danger.because many countries kill them for different use,they are dying out.to protect our earth and ocean,especially the diversity of creatures.we must realize that we should take effective measures to protect them.if the

attempt to do sth 企图做某事;尝试做某事

1. entertainment 2. artists 3. airport worder 4 beat 5. 6. ignite 7. smart 8. brilliant 9. humor anger; 10. anger


Whale are huge animals. They live in the sea and eat small fish and other sea life. One intere sting fact is whales can jump high out of water. Some kinds of whales are in danger because humans catch them formeat,fat,and oil,and use whale parts to

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