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形容词 a. [z]1.总计的,总括的,全体的[b]what is the total population of japan? 日本的总人口为多少?2.完全的,绝对的his plan ended in total failure. 他的计划以彻底失败告终.3.总体的;全面发动的名词 n. 1.总数;合计[c]their expenses

这句话的意思:新电脑总共花了我4000块钱.in total是总共的意思.可以用altogether代替.

There are 56 students in the classroom in total.教室里总共有56个学生

The new bicycle that I am riding,costs me 300RMB in total.

你好!proof in total 总计验证 就是把总数目再进行核对和验证 希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

total['totl] ,o就是读o tl读丑 ,in,你会读了吧,in 丑丑

in total总计,总共,全部,相当

in total和a total of都有总共、总计的意思,但是a total of是形容词性的词组,天是介词词组,通常作定语.In total可以放句首也可放句末,给你举两个例子你就明白了,例1:A total of 20 people have flown the aircraft

in total = altogether 总共

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