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附件里是320kbps的MP3,您下载一下~(不用担心悬赏,提问者免费) 如满意,麻烦您采纳一下我的回答,谢谢~O(∩_∩)O

where are you don williams 你在哪里威廉斯

Don Williams 中 文 名:唐·威廉姆斯 性别:男 国籍:美国 America出生日期:1939年3月27日 涉及分类:乡村音乐 Country 涉及风格:乡村流行音乐 Country-Pop、传统乡村音乐 Traditional Country 签约公司:MCA(Music Corporation of America) ...

歌曲名:The Rose 歌手:Don Williams 专辑:Greatest Hit Best Audiophile The Rose by wap Some say love it is a river that drowns the tender reed Some say love it is a razer that leaves your soul to bleed Some say love it is a hunger...

don williams better than today 歌词 I got high hopes that tomorrow is gonna be better than today it don't look like it's comin' I know, why not believe it anyway Call it a prayer, call it a dream, Call it a leap of faith, call ...

偶尔在一个午后听到了他的better than today,然后把他的歌从头到尾撸了一遍。 我想,对音乐特别是乡村情有独钟的人都会感到惊喜吧。

老将老酒老乡谣,最爱他的歌,嗓音醇和娓娓道来,如沐春风,如饮甘霖,沉浸其中让人安详平和,思绪随之飘扬。 我想,对音乐特别是乡村情有独钟的人都会对他的歌感到惊喜吧。

云盘链接已私信发送给你了,你看一下是不是你需要的 如果还有哪位朋友想要,请点“赞”此条回答以后,在下面的评论里留下您的联系方式 学无止境,希望回答能给你带来帮助,如果满意请采纳,不满意的话请继续追问。

when we we're only seventeen and thrown into society that was the end of you and me and what we could have been and if we didn't keep in touch i guess we didn't care that much but now i need you i've never meant to let you down...

歌曲名:February 歌手:Dar Williams 专辑:Mortal City Lights - February Air If you don't believe me If you don't like my plans You musn't tell me How I know your face like the back of my hand We walk the city I talk to you, unders...

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