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disheartened adj. 灰心沮丧的我现在非常非常地沮丧.

disheartened 英[dsh:tnd]美[dshrtn:d]adj. 沮丧的,灰心的;v. 使沮丧,使泄气; 使失去勇气(dishearten的过去式和过去分词);[例句]But over the next few months, dr. begley and his team got increasingly disheartened.但在之后的几个月里,比格利博士和他的小组渐渐心灰意冷.

"Disheartened and tired, understand, and figured out, understand, forgotten, abandoned, lost hope. Licks the end. "

有几种译法,楼主参考:1. Don't get conceited because of victory or disheartened in case of defeat.2. Don't be proud when you win; don't be downhearted when you fail.3. Don't be puffeed up by success, undimayed by failure4. Don't become dizzy with success, nor be discouraged by failure.

I was not before I. Who will understand me? black. Becomes disheartened is sadly melancholily I most loves

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result 英[r'zlt] 美[r'zlt] n. 结果;成绩;答案;比赛结果 vi. 结果;导致;产生 短语:result management [经管] 成效管理; [经管] 结果管理法;成效治理 result set结果集;结果集中 uncorrected result未修正结果 Result Expression结果表达式

Disheartened 沮丧Despaired Soul 绝望之心灵Nomadic Soul 流浪的心灵Disintegrated 支离破碎Uncurable 无可救药Unforseen 无法预料Pathetical Lad 悲惨的男孩 Doomed Bloke 注定失败的家伙 (男)Gloomy Lady 忧郁的女孩 Stunned In My Head 不知所措Poked In My Eyes Great Collapse 大崩塌 Dripping Heart 心在滴血Sliced & Shredded 粉身碎骨

the King of Terrors 死神 the Queen of night 月神 disheartened depressed

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