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self-confidence,自信 creativity,创新 cooperation,合作 serious ,认真 spirit,精神 success,成功


Remember that you want to know how to choose magnanimous atmospheric learn to persevere lose their self-confidence and a lack of acceptance to be relieved

every confidence = 100% confidence

self-confidence 指“自信”,强调信心这一概念. 举例:当你遇到困难时要自信(有信心). 而 self-trust 则注重“信任”“相信”这一范畴. 举例: 你要相信(trust)自己,没做亏心事.

歌曲名Confidence Banlieue 13 - Ultimatum la tour des miracles 歌手Sarah Riani 这种酷跑电影~~~国内本来就限制的~~你还要插曲~~

有志者事竟成 where there is a will , there is a way

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