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caterpillar意思是毛虫;履带;履带拖拉机.例句:1、A caterpillar changed into a butterfly. 毛虫变成了蝴蝶.2、I know it would be a mistake for Caterpillar workers to do that. 我知道这将是一个错误的毛虫工作者去做.3、It presents the

the very hungry caterpillar 翻译成中文 非常饿的卡特彼勒 网络释义1. 饥饿的毛毛虫

caterpillar 英[ktpl(r)] 美[ktrpl(r)] n. 毛虫; 履带; 履带拖拉机; [例句]A caterpillar changed into a butterfly. 毛虫变成了蝴蝶. [其他] 复数:caterpillars

The item description: Some supplements to his son take, ginseng, caterpillar fungus, peach oil (peach on long, have fall fire role) hotpot condiment 还有不懂可以追问 望采纳


Alice has encountered many strange things. Will change to eat small, talking rabbits, Caterpillar is smoking, all homes will be the stealth cat, crazy hat and the rabbit always in a cup of tea in March, and the heart queen to cut everyone's头. But all is

horse马 mare母马 colt,foal马驹,小马 pony矮马 thoroughbred纯种马 mustang野马 mule骡 ass,donkey驴 ox牛 buffalo水牛 bull公牛 cow母牛 calf小牛,牛犊 bullock,steer小阉牛 heifer小母牛 pig,swine猪 boar种猪 hog阉猪,肥猪 gilt小母猪 piglet猪


1. how latest can we stay here? 2. how many dishes will there be in a 200-dollar meal? 3.can i still order a compartment? 4. who will you travel with?

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