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athleticath.let.icAHD:[th-lt“k] D.J.[#G6let!k]K.K.[#G6lWt!k]adj.(形容词)Abbr. athl.Of, relating to, or befitting athletics or athletes.缩写 athl.体育运动的:体育运动或运动员的,有关或适宜于体育运动或运动员的Physically strong; muscular.

音标是 [θ'letik] 用中文写的话是 爱思来题可(ps;虽然不赞成这种方法,但是有时很直观~~呵呵)

The use of literature, data statistics, such as logical analysis of Tonghua City school skating athletes in sports men and women who carried out a total of 20 injury rates, injury location and length of training analysis of the causes of injury and research.


athletic [athletic || θ'letk]adj. 运动的

My mother was a civil servant, she was particularly gentle

你好! short cut短路,捷径;快捷方式


In the 21st century, the science and technology is playing the more and more vital role.Because along with the production technology development and the humanity to own understanding deepening, the human the engineering also obtained the

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