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Help the homeless Help the homeless in our university, there are a large number of volunteers. What they do is to help people in need. Last week, they set off. In a street, they noticed a disabled man who had difficulty in walking. He begged for money

搜一下:以“A personal anecdote”为主题的英语作文,内容要点:1:缘由:熬夜写作业,上课

leave out ofv.不计从…中漏掉; 略去例句:1.Been very careful to leave out of any story, anecdote, or gossip about the town.很小心得躲过镇上的任何传说,轶事,闲话.2.What you leave out of the frame is just as important as what you leave in.你

hear of 是听到、听说的意思hear from 是收到来信,收到批评的意思

i had an extremely embarrassing experience the other day. i stayed up the night and was working on my homework last night, which made me fall asleep in class the next day. all of sudden, i felt the desk shaking and i thought it was an earthquake!

With the development of the world, our life has improved a lot. We are able to live in a good house, have access to good healthcare, and also receive better education such as attending university . However, not everyone has even this most basic

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