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Taking pictures我的摄影师正在拍照.My photographer's getting it now. 2姐姐想了一会儿,解释道:噢,他正在拍照.Her sister thought for a moment and explained, Oh, he's taking the picture. 3他们正在拍照,忽然小女孩从船上落入水中.They were taking photos when suddenly the girl fell off the boat into the water.

take a photo take photos

“他们正在拍照”用英语应该这样翻译:"they are taking pictures."

拍照的英文是:take photo

take photos

照相:take pictures,take a picture,take photos 照相机camera;Light Manipulator;still camera;photographic camera

take photos,

he is taking photos with a camera

take a photo

take pictures 照相

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