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It's s sunny day. I am doing my homework while my mother is washing the dishes in the kitchen. My father is reading a piece of newspaper and my brother is playing with his toys. And our dog is lying under the sun shine enjoying the sunlight. The children outside is singing and dancing. We all have a good day!

英文:My family I have a (small ) family.There are ( three ) people in my famliy.They are my ( father ),my ( mather ) and me.My father is ( strong ). He is a ( firefighter ).He can ( swim ).He likes (swimming).He has (.two big eyes,black hair and a big



What the things we can do much more in vacation? of course, that is watching TV. and 离它结束的日子还很远.但是你知道的,它值得!现在我不就正在努力着嘛.你呢?

It was the first day of the new term . I'd like to make a meaningful beginning for this term . So, after I got to school .I start cleaning the classroom for I want a neat and comfortable classroom I think it would make everyone learning in this classroon at

John and Mike and good friends and they are on vacation together.They come to a a place called Hawaii.Mike is going swimming with a group of people and playing water .He really enjoys himself.However,John doesn't want to go with Mike,he is

您好,很高兴能回答您的问题,希望对您有帮助团队刚刚创立,希望得到您的支持!以下是您需要内容的参考: My family photo Look! There is a family photo on the wall. It is my family photo.In the photo, there are my mother, my father, my sister

There are four people in my family. They are my father, my mother, my elderly brother 我哥哥比我大三岁.现在,他是一名中学生.他阳光明媚,很随和.在我的学习中他可

Look!Some middle school students are playing foot ball in the football field. Sam, the leader of the red team, is controling the ball, he is running fast and looking for the chance to goal. Some girls are watching the match, they are cheering the players

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