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天气的好坏决定着我整天的心情,的翻译是:The weather is good and bad

我希望天气好转的翻译是: I hope the weather is better

今天天气很好,所以心情也很好 The weather of today is very good, so the mood also is very good

1 I will go , rain or shine. 2 Whatever the weather is, I will go 3 I will go whether the weather is good or bad. 4 No matter what the weather is, I will go.

无论是晴天还是阴天 无论是冷还是暖 我们都要经历风霜雨露 我记得完整的最后一句应该是We'll weather the weather whether we like it or not. 意思是:不管喜欢与否,我们都要经历风霜。

虽然天气不好,但是我的心情还是很开心英文: Although the weather is bad, I feel very happy.

今天的天气很好我的心情很糟糕为什么很糟糕 The weather is good today. I'm in a bad mood. Why is it bad?

你好! 你认为天气会不会影响你的心情? Do you think the weather will not affect your mood?

天気はいいです,ゎたしの気持ち悪いです。 It's a nice day ,but I really feel bad .

天气这么好,我想出去散散步 翻译是: The weather is so good that I want to go out for a walk

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