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打开WAP浏览器,输入3g.qq.com ,然后打开搜索,打入英语作文,搜索,OK. 谢谢采纳

仅供参考,最好不要全抄,可以改一下句子,提高自己的英语写作能力.Mobile phone is a kind of communication tools, it has both advantages and disadvantages are A mobile phone, we can pass it to express their feelings, and chat with each

我是一滴晶莹透亮的水,自从云妈妈把我送到这个湖以来,我一直过着愉快而幸福的生活.I am a drop of dewy water and I live a happy life since cloud mother sent me to the lake.然而,好景不长.湖边最近还办了一个工厂,人们每天向湖中排放

Ten years ago few people had mobile phones.But now mobile phones have become rather common , even high school students may have one . But is that a good thing ? We wondered . It gose without saying that mobile phones bring us much

People were not required to show and have their identities registered when they bought a sim card before. Except some sim cards designated for particular people, you could get almost what you wish no matter what kind of sim card and how

路透社手机网站 http://mobile.reuters.com/mobile/rdt/ 如果你的手机可以下载JAVA软件.那建议你下载 OperaMini4.2软件.手机登陆地址mini.opera.com.用这个软件可以上所有包括电脑网站.视觉效果一样.


Directions: Study the following picture carefully and write an essay in which you should 1) describe the picture, 2) interpret its meaning, and 3) support your view with examples. You should write about 160200 words neatly on ANSWER

one night,i have a dream.i dreamed that i and my good friend huang yuqing had a pair of wings,fly in the blue sky.we touched the sky and white clouds,white clouds than the kid's face is soft.we fly to the sun,the sun sends out light is so bright!the sun

As the development of modern technology, Smartphone has become quite popular all over the world with its outstanding functions. People can use phones to surf the Internet, update their personal micro blog, and upload their latest pictures at any

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