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1. Because not enough clear economic prospects, many companies can't hire new staff 2. Economic development needs of the young workers 3. Work a lot of people don't have the time to rest, to recharge

1. Hurry up, the game to the exam2. You see her3. Do not look down upon women's tennis, their skills in fact than male nets consummate many4. Her brother is your next opponent5. A good look6. The girl Legs are long7. No, no, no, I of course

Respect for nature since childhood, free in spirit, I created a free and easy uninhibited sexy. They gave me a restless heart, let me continue to exceed in life, constantly seeking. Approximate crazy to catch the good and the beautiful world, but is

1. I grew up to be a dancer2. I will not give up my ideal3. I would like to participate in Dance Team4. Exercise the body's health is good5. We will have to arrive in Beijing tomorrow6. We will have to leave for Shanghai tomorrow7. Lily fell ill8. Every day

The reason I love books is that it is very useful regardless of past, present or future. It can change our life.

英文翻译是这样朋友. And also these recorded historic achievements, influence the later generations.

1,These advertisements come from a series of public good advertisements.2,I didn't realize what on earth these pictures want to express originally/at first until I saw the slogan at the left upper corner.

I minimize the humanitarian intervention As mentioned above, even if that humanitarian intervention can produce some positive results, but this benefit is questionable, because no matter their position or the starting point is, its negative

Liu Na recess often active in the playground and the classroom to pick up rubbish, make our school become clean and neat, the teacher is often praised her. Zhang Hua is our class the best one of the students, she often to help those who have

The Compairation about figures in Han Book and Later Han Book My beautiful home, where its spring scenic.Spring, my hometown, green grass and flowers are in bloom. Out of the tree branches, birds singing in the merry. Looking around is the

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