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move 和remove在用法上有细微区别,语感需要积累才能掌握,具体讲解 movo n. 移动;步骤;迁居 vi. 移动;搬家,迁移;离开 vt. 移动;感动 remove vt. 移动,迁移;开除;调动 vi. 移动,迁移;搬家 n. 移动;距离;搬家 [ 过去式removed 过去分词removed 现在分词removing ] 其中这个removed有再次(又)移动的意思,这个需要练习几道题就掌握了


21世纪英汉汉英双向词典 离开 1.to leave; to depart from; to deviate from; to go away; to move off; to get away2.to check out

搬:Move that desk away from my view. 把那张桌子搬出我的视线 走、前进:Just move on and you will see what you've been looking forward to.坚持前进,你就会看到你一直渴求点东西 感动:Baby I think you've done a great job that you just

离开 [ lí kāi] to depart to leave 更多相关: <leaving> <leave> <skiddoo> <run along> <slam off> <take oneself off> <drop away> <come off> <cme away> <drag one's freight> <come away> <depart> <move away> <push off> <pike along> <lose

简明英汉词:move</b>[mu:v]n.移动, 迁居, 步骤vt.移动, 感动, 鼓动vi.移动, 离开, 运行, 迁移, 搬家e68a84e8a2ad62616964757a686964616f31333332636436 现代英汉词典</b>move[mu:v]vt., vi.moved, moving(1)(使)移动 Who has

1cme away 离开 2come away 离开 3come off 离开 4 absent from 离开 5 depart 离开 6 drop away 离开 7 drop off 离开 8 fall away 离开 9 leave 离开 10 leaving 离开 11 make off 离开 12 move away 离开 13 move off 离开 14 peel out 离开 15 pike

这个单词有名词,动词词性①v. 移动;改变;进展;采取行动;搬家;调动;离开;感动;激起;促使;提议;走棋;快点;出售;使(肠)排空②n. 行动,举措;移动;改变;迁居;步骤;走棋

Leave 只有离开的意思,距离越来越远Move 是移动的动作,可以靠近,Move closer,或越来越远,Move away

走开,离开 leave 离开(副词)away (+from)逃避,逃离,离开 get away离开游戏 quit

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